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Modeling plant development from the organ to the whole plant scale

Journées du 09/04/2015 et 10/04/2015
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    par Mathieu Javaux
    Deciphering soil plant relations with a detailed numerical model
    par Céline Richard-Molard
    Deciphering genotypic variability of plant adaptation to N supply by combining a whole plant CN functioning model (ARNICA) and a root architecture model (MiniROOT) on Arabidopsis thaliana
    par Yann Boursiac
    Building a root hydraulic architecture with keyboard and pipettes
    par Lionel X. Dupuy
    Mechanisms of early establishment of bacterial population in the rhizosphere
    par Guillaume Lobet
    Introducing Root System Markup Language, a new toolbox to link experimental data with simulation
    par C. Wouter Bac
    Imaging of plant parts for robotic harvesting or phenotyping
    par Bruno Andrieu
    Toward a wheat FSPM with detailed account of C and N metabolism
    par Johanna A. Bac-Molenaar
    Growth curve fitting allows for integration of the time-axis into GWA mapping of dynamic traits
    par Jean Baptiste Burie
    Modelling fungal diseases of vine at the plot scale using partial differential equations
    par Loic Tadrist
    Foliage mechanics in wind: multi-scale approach and biological consequences
    par Pierre Couteron
    From plant morphology to plant community patterns: a minimalistic modelling approach traducing interplant facilitation and competition in resource-limited environments