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Models at the cellular and tissular scales

Day of 2009/03/06
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The aim of this one day meeting is to illustrate the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach associating biologists and mathematicians/computer scientists to tackle important problems in plant biology. This first seminar will focus on cellular models.

Meeting introduction: Laurent Laplaze (IRD, DIAPC),

Chairman: Patrick Doumas (INRA, DIAPC), Christophe Godin (INRIA, Virtual Plants).


    by Jim Haseloff
    Software and wetware tools for Synthetic Biology in plants
    by Nadia Bertin
    Ecophysiological models of growth processes involved in fruit quality
    by Eric Mjolsness
    Problems of mechanical modelling in growing plant tissues
    by Nick Monk
    Modelling cell fate assignment in the Arabidopsis root epidermis
    by Emmanuelle Bayer
    Integration of transport-based models for phyllotaxis and midvein formation
    by Teva Vernoux
    Hormone signalling at the shoot apical meristem: a systems biology approach