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Quantifying and modelling development: towards an integrative view of flower patterning

Pradeep Das
Laboratoire Reproduction et Développement des Plantes, CNRS/ENS-Lyon/INRA/Université Lyon 1, Lyon
le 04/02/2011 à 11:00


The emergence of shape within any developing tissue is an extremely complex process that requires the interplay of a great number of factors, including gene activity and mechanical feedback from the tissue itself. These factors act in a coordinated manner across the tissue, but display their primary effects at the cellular level. In order to clearly understand flower development in Arabidopsis thaliana at this cellular level, both in the wild type as well as in mutants, we have recently established techniques to examine growth in 4 dimensions. We generate reality-based quantifiable templates of flowers for use in modelling studies so as to test hypotheses about how molecular signals or mechanical forces establish patterning. While still in its infancy, the project aims to move us away from purely qualitative descriptions of growth and development, and towards the use of a broad, flexible framework that can address divers questions regarding morphogenesis.