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Models at whole plant scale

Days of 2011/03/17 and 2011/03/18
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    by Winfried Kurth
    Modelling plants and plant communities using graph grammars
    by Mathieu Javaux
    3-D root water uptake at the plant scale: experiments and modeling
    by Yann Guédon
    Identifying and characterizing permutation patterns in spiral phyllotaxis
    by Renaud Bastien
    A model of gravitropism explains the diversity of shoot posture and straigthening mouvements among the angiosperms
    by Frédéric Mothe
    Architecture and rameal sequences analysed with X-ray CT scanning
    by Annikki Mäkelä
    Carbon and nitrogen interactions in forest stand growth - an optimality approach
    by David Da Silva
    Modeling fruit tree responses to environment and management practices, a functional-structural systems biology approach
    by Michaël Chelle
    The phylloclimate, a key variable to model (diseased) plants interaction
    by Jochem B. Evers
    Modelling regulation of shoot branching
    by Brian Enquist
    The core evolutionary drivers of integrative allometric phenotypes: A trait based approach to scaling plant form, function, and growth
    by François Tardieu
    Modelling the effects of the genetic variability: which models for which uses?