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Modeling plant development from the cellular to the organ scale

Days of 2014/03/27 and 2014/03/28
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    by Elliot Meyerowitz
    Physical and chemical signals control morphogenesis at the shoot apical meristem
    by Alexis Maizel
    Quantitative analysis of lateral root morphogenesis
    by Athanasius F. M. (Stan) Marée
    At the crossroads: how auxin biases positioning of asymmetric cell divisions in the root meristem
    by Martine Ben Amar
    Biomechanics and morphogenesis: from theory to observations
    by Siobhan Braybrook
    Quantifying the physics of growth: a case study in organ formation
    by Florent Pantin
    Integrating cell division and growth in the Arabidopsis leaf
    by Cris Kuhlemeier
    Models of auxin-mediated patterning and morphogenesis
    by Antoine Larrieu
    Towards a quantitative biology of hormone signalling
    by Eric Kramer
    Auxin transport by the numbers: carriers, diffusion, and plasmodesmata
    by Ullrich Koethe
    Learning in bioimage analysis using ilastik
    by Tony Pridmore
    Recovering Real Plant Geometries