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Imaging, phenotyping and modelling plant organ morphogenesis

Days of 2010/03/11 and 2010/03/12
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    by Henrik Jönsson
    Modeling and in vivo imaging of molecular and mechanical regulations in the shoot apical meristem
    by Gregoire Malandain
    3D+time imaging of growing meristems
    by Nathalie Wuyts
    Three-dimensional imaging of plant leaves: taking into account the volume of sub-epidermal tissues and cells in the analysis of expansion
    by Richard Smith
    Analyzing confocal data using 2D surface projections.
    by José A. Feijó
    Of ion choreography and the regulation of apical cell growth: molecular partners and integrative theoretical models
    by Malcolm J Bennett
    Growing pains: using systems approaches to study lateral root development
    by Asuka Kuwabara
    Leaf shape: quantification of leaf edge complexity and role of cell division pattern on the control of final leaf shape
    by Hendrik Poorter
    Meta-phenomics: about the flowers and the bouquet
    by Patrick Lemaire
    Sequential activation of apical and basolateral contractility drives ascidian endoderm invagination
    by Jérôme Chopard
    The contribution of mechanics to provide parsimonious explanations of morphogenesis
    by Arezki Boudaoud
    From cell to tissues: morphogenesis in leaves and at the shoot apex